Good Credit Cards for Fair Credit

The best credit card companies offer excellent products for people with fair credit scores. The credit scores of people with fair credit is not bad enough for their credit card applications to be rejected outright; simultaneously, it is not good enough for those excellent low interest credit card products meant exclusively for high credit score people.

People with fair credit scores are usually those who have missed making a few payments and whose debts are greater than their incomes. If your credit score is neither good nor bad, you will be delighted to know that there are number of credit card companies ready to give you a chance to improve your credit score. You only need to do your research well and choose the card that is best is for you. Here are some good fair-credit credit cards.

Classic Platinum Credit Card

Issued by Capital One, this card comes with an introductory offer of 0 percent APR on purchases made till Feb 2012 plus 0 percent fraud liability in case someone steals your card and uses it to purchase products and services. The credit card also comes with extra warranty protection and 24/7 travelling assistance.

Orchard Bank Credit Cards

These Visa credit cards are issued by the highly reputed Nevada-based HSBC Bank. If you are seeking to improve your fair credit score and make it excellent, this is the best product for you because HSBC Bank makes monthly reports to all the important credit bureaus. You can use this credit card product to improve your credit score in no time.

Moreover, the credit card is accepted at countless locations all over the globe. You can access your account online free of charge, establish full control over your own finances, and avail of excellent customer care service.

Orchard Bank Classic Credit Card

The prestigious HSBC Bank is the issuer of this Orchard Bank Classic credit card, which is another great product for customers seeking to improve their credit card scores. Access your credit card account online and get help from well-trained and friendly customer care representatives. You can use your credit card at zillions of places online as well as offline. The credit card company also sends regular reminders via text messages and emails to ensure that you do not miss making your payments.

People with fair credit scores should research different credit card products well and check out factors such as annual fees, introductory offers, rates of interest, and so on to get the best deals. You can even request lower rates of interest, lower fees, flexibility in billing and payments, and much more because credit providers do not mind negotiating thus with fair credit people.

People with fair credit scores are in the painful stage of building their credit scores, and credit card providers might hesitate to give them the benefits offered to those with excellent credit scores. This means that you will have to accept higher rates of interest, higher annual fees, and low credit limits till you improve your credit score.