Finding Credit Cards for Fair Credit

For people who have stellar credit, finding credit cards is easy. You simply go to your favorite banking institution and demand their best credit card at their best terms. You will likely receive it. People who have excellent credit ratings can pretty much get cards from wherever they like and get the best possible credit card terms. People who have poor credit actually have a fairly easy time of it also. There are fewer options so finding the best deal is not too difficult. But what about the rest of the people, in fact, the majority of the people? These are the people who have pretty good credit but may have had a few late payments here and there. Generally they do OK. Finding credit cards for fair credit is likely the most difficult subset there is.

Why is Finding Credit Cards for Fair Credit So Difficult? 

Credit cards for fair credit are fairly easy to get. You are likely credit worthy and reliable so odds are you will be approved for the majority of the credit card offerings out there. But the reason finding credit cards for fair credit is difficult is simply due to the sheer volume of possibilities. There are credit cards that are exclusive and designed for those who have excellent credit. There are credit cards designed as second chance credit opportunities for those with poor credit. But the two extremes represent the smallest portion of the population. Most everyone else fits into the middle of having fair credit. Because the majority fits into this category, nearly all financial institutions have a product designed to fit the needs of those who want credit cards for fair credit.

Getting the Best 

Whenever you make a purchase it is wise to shop around for the best possible deal. With credit cards there is no exception. However, because many credit card companies offer credit cards for fair credit this can be a cumbersome and time consuming activity. Plus, there are so many factors to consider it can sometimes be confusing. At this rate start local and establish a relationship with someone near your home or office. You may be able to get better service there and better rates off the bat. Then, go to the most well known of the credit companies and compare their published benefits and APR. You can generally narrow down the credit cards for fair credit that are worth applying for.


One of the problems with finding credit cards for fair credit is you often have to apply for the card before you actually know what card you qualify for. This can make shopping around for the best rate difficult at best. Many published rates have a starting and ending annual percentage rate that will be set based on your credit score. So, when comparing one credit card that has a published 15% APR and another with a 13% APR it may seem like the 13% APR is the best choice. But when you look at the fine print the published rates are actually a starting point and may increase based on your credit rating. Applying for credit cards for fair credit can be troublesome because if you apply to too many cards it can affect your credit adversely causing even more issues.

The Process of Choosing Credit Cards

So, one of the ways you can eliminate some confusion is to base your short list to compare on published rates as well as additional benefits. You should have interest rates on multiple credit cards that are within a similar range. Discard any of the rates that seem too low. If it seems too low it probably is and is more likely you will be declined for it outright. Also discard any of the rates that are too high. You do not want to pay too much in interest for any credit card.

Once you have three to five credit cards for fair credit within a similar range of interest rate you can then expand your criteria to other aspects of the card. Are there cards that have special introductory offers? Will they benefit you? Are there cards with no annual fee? How about reward credit cards for fair credit? Start analyzing the pros and cons of each card and then determine the final one you want to apply for. If you get a good deal on credit cards for fair credit you can pay it easily each month and have a chance at improving your credit score.

Improve Your Credit

If you get credit cards for fair credit that are easy to pay each month and you use them responsibly you will set a pattern of positive payment. The way to do this is to live within your means. If you have to carry a balance from one month to the next make sure it is a low balance to reduce the amount of interest you are paying. If you do have a balance, make sure you pay as much over the minimum required payment as you possibly can, again reducing the interest charges. Of course, the best way to stay debt free is to pay off your card every month.

If you pay your card on time every month and keep either no balance or a low balance you will see your credit score increasing. This puts those with credit cards for fair credit in a much better position. The interest rate you currently have may be reduced when you show an outstanding payment history. Or, you may eventually increase your fair credit to excellent credit, allowing you to qualify for a more exclusive credit card. But first you have to find credit cards for fair credit that will work best for your needs and your credit rating. Choose the one with the lowest interest rate you can qualify for and the best possible benefits.