Platinum Credit Cards

In the real world platinum is considered to be the precious metal that these days is considered the next step up from gold. For example a few decades ago a gold engagement ring was the epitome of luxury and style but these days the best bling is definitely platinum in nature and that increasingly applies to credit card offerings as well.

In fact the number of credit card lenders actually even offering a gold card credit card product is certainly on the decline these days but the number of platinum cards on offer continues to increase and unless your credit score and income propels you into the real luxury credit card market (think black cards) platinum credit cards offer some of the best perks and benefits to be found on any credit cards. Of course these days you can find premium credit cards in every color of the rainbow but although not as exclusive as they once were platinum credit cards still all have one basic thing in common – they provide landholder with access to a higher credit limit, generally a lower APR and valuable extra rewards and perks over standard classic or gold credit cards.

How to Choose the Best Platinum Credit Card for You

If you have a credit score that is in the “good credit” range (usually over 690 or so) and a steady verifiable income there is usually a very good chance you will be accepted for the majority of platinum credit card offerings. There are a lot of platinum credit cards out there to choose from though so there are certain things you should consider as you decide which platinum credit card to apply for:

The first thing you should bear in mind is just what your personal credit card spending habits really are. In order to get the most from the benefits offered by most platinum credit cards it really is best to use it often to makes the mosts of rewards programs while still paying off balances in a timely manner.

You also need to think about exactly what you are looking for from a platinum credit card. A low APR? Travel rewards? Cashback? There are platinum credit cards out there that offer these things and more but rarely all in the same card.

Here is a brief glimpse at some of the best platinum credit cards that are available at the moment and some of the benefits and extra they have to offer:

Citi Platinum Select / AAdvantage® World MasterCard

If you like to travel then this Citi platinum card offering might be a great choice. By teaming up with American Airlines the Citi platinum Select card can offer a great air miles program that is very useful for both domestic US and international travel, especially since you can redeem air miles on 25 different airlines, not just American. You can earn 1 air mile for every dollar you spend up to 100,000 every year and if you spend $750 on the card during the first four months of card membership you will be rewarded with an additional bonus 25,000 air miles on top of the ones you will have already earned.

There is an $85 annual membership fee attached to this card but it is waived for the first year.

Bank of America Platinum VISA Card

The low APR and the high credit limits (a minimum of $5,000 up to $100,000) attached to this platinum credit card offering are the real attraction here. With a 9.95% APR and no annual fee in financial terms this is one of the best platinum credit cards offerings available. It also comes with extensive travel insurance benefits and purchase protections and is really a great every day credit card choice.

The Pantone Visa Platinum Rewards Card

If you want a really good platinum rewards card VISA offers a great many of them but if you want one that looks a little bit different to everyone else’s then this card is a great choice. It offers platinum level benefits but comes in five special colors – created by the world’s premier color experts Pantone – designed to match the card holders own personality!

In terms of card design you can choose the card that best fits your style.

It is certainly a fun and interesting concept in platinum credit card offerings but what else does the Pantone Visa Platinum Rewards card have to offer? The simple answer is a lot.

There is no annual fee attached to card membership and a minimum credit line of $5,000. Card holders also have access to a VIP concierge service that can help arrange travel, dining and transportation arrangements as well as securing exclusive tickets to concerts and sporting events. Cardholders also earn reward points on everything they purchase at the rate of 1 point per dollar and those points can be used for almost anything from a selection of exclusive designer fashions to special once in a lifetime trips to destinations worldwide. Its really the kind of platinum credit card that it is not too hard to imagine sits in the wallets of some of the highest profile fashionistas in the world!

Other Special VISA Platinum Rewards Credit Cards

There are actually a number of these very interesting special Platinum Visa cards available. All of them offer similar rewards programs but each is ever so slightly different in what they offer. For instance, if you are an animal lover you may want to consider the The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals Visa Platinum Rewards Card which in addition to all the great benefits that VISA Platinum cards offer to cardholders also helps earn charitable donations that are gifted to PETA, beginning with a $50 donation made in the card holders name the first time they use the card.

On the entertainment side of things Elvis fans can get a special Platinum Rewards Visa card and so can fans of the Three Stooges. If on the other hand you are a Star Wars fan you can cross over to the other side and apply for a Star Wars Platinum Master Card!