Capital One Rewards Cards

There are a great many rewards cards available today and choosing between them can be quite a chore. One of the places you might want to start when sifting through them all is by looking at what is on offer from a bank that has a good overall reputation for the quality of all its credit card offerings. One such bank is Capital One. Capital One credit cards of all kinds get consistently good reviews from many different sources and that is certainly the case with their reward card offerings as well. Here is a little information about some of the best of the Capital One rewards cards for you to consider if you are looking for a great rewards credit card that also has reasonable rates and is backed with good customer service practices, something else that Capital one gets good marks for.

Capital One Cash Rewards Credit Card

This credit card is considered by many to be simply one of the best general rewards cards available today and as long as you have average credit and can qualify for it may very well be the best choice for you if you are looking for a rewards credit card that gives you a huge selection of rewards to redeem you hard earned bonus points on.

Rewards can be earned rather quickly with the Capital One Cash Rewards Credit Card, especially if you use it to purchase gas and groceries on a regular basis as these purchases earn a 2% cash back bonus on every purchase instead of the 1% offered on most other purchases.

The great thing about this rewards card is that you do not need to have spotless credit to get it but you are not gouged on interest rates because of that. The APR, after an introductory 0% period of six months is a variable 17.9-22.9% which in the current economic climate is very reasonable.

When you want to redeem your rewards you can choose straight cash back in the form of a check or a direct deposit to your bank account or opt to redeem your points for gift cards from a number of merchants, something that does tend to get you a little more ‘bang for your buck”.

There is another version of this card which is only offered to customers with credit record that is absolutely spotless. Dubbed the Capital One no Hassle Cash Rewards Card it offers many of the same benefits as the Cash rewards card but with a slightly more attractive interest rate and it does not carry the $39 annual fee that the basic offering does. Both cards however are well worth considering.

Journey Student Rewards Card

Most students are excited enough to discover the can qualify for a credit card let alone one that actually has a great rewards program attached to it as well. Unlike the student credit cards of the past that caused so much controversy because students tended to overspend and ruin their credit record before they ever got their first job this credit actually rewards students for responsible fiscal behavior so as a financial learning tool it can be very useful.

Rewards are earned at the rate of 1% on all purchases but by simply paying their credit card bill on time student cardholders earn an additional 25% bonus on all the points they earned the previous month, a great incentive to make sure to mail that payment in on time. Actually ca4rdholders do not even need to do that as the account can be managed completely on line and in fact students earn another bonus if they sign up for paperless billing anyway.

When it comes to redeeming rewards students can choose from a wide array of gift cards from a huge variety of merchants (merchants they have actually heard of and not a stuffy store they would never step into) or take cash in the form of a check or a direct deposit to a bank account. Rewards can also be applied directly to an outstanding current balance on the credit card.

Capital One is actually rather good at designing rewards credit cards for the younger generation as another of their very popular offerings is the Capital One MTV Rewards Visa. Although it may have changed a great deal since its inception (note to the under 20 crowd – they used to play music videos a lot) thanks to shows like Jersey Shore and Teen mom the channel is more popular than it has ever been and a card that offers some very specific MTV branded rewards is a very popular choice.

It should be noted that both of these cards aimed at a younger demographic still come with all the extra security benefits that other credit cards do as well as other free perks like travel insurance, 24/7 roadside assistance and 0% fraud liability so are as financially solid as they are fun.

These are just a few of the most popular rewards cards that Capital One offers and while they are all different from one another all of them will really only benefit you if you try to pay off balances quickly. Carrying a balance for too long will of course rack up those interest charges which can, in the end, cancel out many of the benefits you have earned, especially the cash back ones.