Top Financial Advice Websites for UK

You can find a lot of high quality and free financial advice online if you want complete control over your finances. The following websites will give you ample information in the form of data, statistics, analyses, stock quotes, and so on to help you manage your finances better. They focus on the topics of wealth management, wealth creation, spending, saving, investment, and so on, catering especially to the unique requirements of people from the UK.

Fool UK

Fool UK, which can be accessed at, was launched by The Motley Fool in 1998. Widely popular among investors in the UK, the Fool UK community is now over 2 million strong. Besides offering a strong online presence, Fool UK has published a large number of financial advice books, of which the most popular is The Motley Fool UK Investment Guide, available in 3 editions.

The Motley Fool was established by Tom Gardner and David Gardner in 1993 in Alexandria and is now immensely popular. It comprises an online financial advice site for Americans, plenty of finance-related books, television shows, newsletters, and others. The Motley Fool financial solutions are some of the best, including; CAPS, a service that rates stocks; newsletters and newspaper columns; and so on.

The name of the company was inspired by the character of the wise fool in Shakespeare’s King Lear.

My Personal Finances

My Personal Finances Ltd., accessible at, represents Accord Consultancy Limited, which is licensed and regulated by Financial Services Authority (FSA). Winner of the Financial Adviser (FA) Life and Pensions Awards 2007, this online financial advice service has an excellent customer support system, including call back facility and UK free phone 08004096060, which clients can use to contact the service between 9:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. on weekdays.

My Personal Finances offers excellent services such as advise from highly qualified financial experts, direct discount services enabling you to get more than 900 unit, PEP, and ISA trust funds without having to pay any commission. The online service updates more than 4000 mortgage products everyday and delivers topnotch mortgage advice.

You can use the financial tools at to reduce your life assurance costs and make retirement plans.


Morningstar Inc. offers high quality investment research in several countries, including UK. The online financial research portal, which is available at, offers financial advice in several formats such as online, print, products, service, software, and others.

You can access valuable data on more than 380,000 mutual funds, stocks, and other offerings plus international market information on 5 million indexes, equities, options, commodities, futures, precious metals, and so on.


Accessible at, this online financial advisor caters to the requirements of UK clients. The company states that its interests are equal to the interests of its clients.

Bestinvest provides investment advice only after extensive research. The company employs the best UK-based financial analysts, who interview more than 400 fund managers, separate the wheat from the chaff, and provide the most authentic information to its clients.