Several Gas Credit Cards for Fair Credit

There are many different kinds of rewards available that come attached to various credit cards and what kinds of rewards are going to be most appealing, and most helpful, to you is certainly something that you need to take into consideration when deciding which credit card to apply for.

If you have fair car edit it is often a little harder to qualify for a rewards credit card but there are some out there that you should be able to qualify. And where a few years ago you may have been interested in rewards cards that offered great cash back on vacation travel or points to be redeemed for gifts in a tight economy when the price of gas is so very high gas credit cards for fair credit are very much back in vogue now.

Gas credit cards are those cards that reward extra cash back or points to those purchasing gas. They allow card holders to actually get something back when purchasing a necessity that they have no choice but buy anyway. Many general rewards cards do award double points for gas (and groceries) these days but there are some gas credit cards that offer rewards for paying at the pump with them that are even higher.

Before you apply for any rewards card read the small print and make sure that you understand just how rewards are earned. Some credit cards put a dollar limit on the amount of the money you spend that is eligible to earn reward points, while others only award higher amounts of rewards points on gas at certain times of year.

If you are interested in finding a good gas credit card for fair credit here are a few suggestions for credit cards you may want to consider applying for:

Discover Open Road Card

Discover are known for offering credit cards that have very good rewards programs attached to them and this credit card offering is excellent for those who travel a lot – even just to and from work – and find themselves pulling up to the pump on a regular basis.

When you first receive the Discover Open Road card the benefits kick in right away as each of your first five gas purchases made on the card earn you a $10 cash back bonus in addition to the standard 25 cash back bonus you will receive on all future gas purchases as well as on restaurant bills (including fast food restaurants) These initial five purchases do have to be over $25 a piece to qualify for the cash back bonus but unfortunately with gas prices as high as they are spending $25 to fill up is becoming the norm.

All other purchases made with the Discover Open Road cad are rewarded at a rate of 1% cash back, with the exception of purchases made at the Discover online shopping portal. These purchases can net card holders up to 20% cash back.

The interest rate attached to the Discover Open Road card is a variable 10.99-16.99% after a 0% APR introductory interest rate expires after the first twelve billing cycles. There is no annual fee to hold the card and rewards can be redeemed whenever you like as the cash back points do not expire.

There is also a version of the Discover Open Road card that is especially designed for students. The rewards process is basically the same but there is a higher APR attached to the card, 13.99-20.99%. This however is still a great rewards card for students to consider applying for.

Capital One No Hassle Rewards

Capital One offer two versions of their No Hassle Rewards card, one for those with very good to excellent credit and one for those with fair to good credit. Both offer the same great rewards for gas purchases but the version for fair credit does carry a higher APR – 11.99-22.99 – although cardholders do enjoy a 6 month 0% APR offer on new purchases before that rate kicks in.

All purchases made on the Capital One No Hassle Rewards card earn 1% cash-back but every time you use your card to pay for gas that reward is doubled to 2%. grocery purchases are also rewarded at the 2% cash back rate. Cash rewards can be claimed at any time and you can set up automatic redemption points so that you do not forget to claim back all the cash you have earned just making everyday gas and grocery purchases.

Exxon Mobil MasterCard

Several of the major gas companies now offer a branded credit card that offers extra benefits when purchasing gas, but of course the biggest benefits come when you purchase gas at their gas stations. Most of us do tend to have a specific gas station that we prefer to fill up at though and if you regularly stop by an Exxon Mobil station to fill up this credit card will come in very handy.

As a basic credit card the Exxon Mobil MasterCard stacks up fairly well. It has an APR of 19.99-23.99 and consumers are offered the flexibility of choosing their billing date, something that can be very useful as you can schedule the due date around your payday. The card can be used wherever MasterCard is accepted and there is no annual fee.

The real benefits of this card are at the pump though. Gas purchases are rewarded with a 2% cash back bonus up to $10,000 annually while other purchase earn 1% cash back. You can also earn rebates of up to 15 cents per gallon on gas purchases made at Exxon Mobil stations and rewards can be redeemed as gas or as Exxon credits and rebates are applied directly to the card for use on gas purchases only in $10 increments.