Top Credit Cards for Excellent Credit

If you have excellent credit then you are likely to find yourself offered all kinds of credit cards that reflect that preferred status. That means of course that is important that you make sure that you are getting the most out of whichever credit cards you do choose – whether that means better interest rates,better rewards or more additional perks.

Which credit card is right for you is to a great extent a matter of individual preference. Do you want access to travel rewards and perks like access to luxury airport lounges and preferred tickets for concerts and sporting events? Or do you prier to be given the chance to earn exclusive shopping rewards at high end retailers? All of these benefits and more are available to those with excellent credit, it is simply a matter of choosing the right card for you. Here though are some top picks for credit cards for excellent credit:

Capital One Platinum Prestige MasterCard

A Fortune 500 company, Capital One has one of the most widely recognized brands in America. As one of the nation’s top 10 largest banks based on deposits, Capital One also offer some of the most used credit cards in US for people with all kinds of credit. The Capital One Platinum Prestige MasterCard is reserved for those with excellent credit and that excellent financial record is rewarded with great interest rates.

In terms of basic numbers the Capital One Platinum MasterCard offers 0% APR on purchases for a full fifteen billing cycles with the rate switching to 10,9-18.9 thereafter. The 0% APR for fifteen months also applies to balance transfers, a benefit that makes this card one of the balance transfer credit cards available to those with excellent credit looking to replace higher interest credit cards. There is no annual fee attached to this card and you even get the chance to personalize your Capital One Platinum Prestige MasterCard with any photo image you like!

Sony Card from Capital One

Rewards credit cards for those with excellent credit tend to take the rewards offered to “the next level” and the Sony Card from Capital One is no exception. For those who like music, movies and of course video gaming, Sony’s real forte theses days, then the rewards offered y using this card are very attractive indeed.

The Sony Card from Capital One offers 0% APR on purchases for 12 months and the rate thereafter is charged at an APR of between 13.9-24.9%. and there is no annual fee attached to card.

Rewards are earned as points. Most purchases net card users one point for every dollar spent but that doubles to 3 points per dollar spent at restaurants and movie theaters. Additionally points are rewarded at a rate of 5 per dollar spent on Sony products of any kind, everything from electronics to individual Sony gaming titles, so if you or a member of the family is a PlayStation fan you can see just how quickly you will be able to rack up those reward points!

There is no cap on the number of rewards points you can earn and the points do not expire. Points can be redeemed on Sony products of all kinds as well as for gift certificates for other select merchants should you prefer. Given that recent research has shown that the average age of a keen video gamer in the US is now 30 this card for excellent credit is a popular choice amongst those who regularly spend $60 and up per game to indulge their gaming passions and want to earn rewards that go beyond another trophy for their profile!

Gold Delta SkyMiles Card by American Express

This card is of course a great choice if you fly on a regular basis and your preferred carrier id Delta. There are an increasing number of these airline branded credit card being offered and this card certainly has a lot to offer the frequent Delta flyer.

For a rewards card this credit card boasts surprisingly low interest rates with an APR of just 14.75%.There is a $95 annual fee but that is waived for the first year and upon first being issued the Gold Delta SkyMiles credit card cardholders are given a 20,000 miles bonus to get them well on the way to earning their first free trip.

Miles are then awarded at the rate of 1 mile per dollar spent and cardholders earn double miles when they use the card to purchase Delta airline tickets to any destination in the world.

Other perks that come attached to this air miles credit card include being allowed to check one bag for free every time you fly Delta, a benefit you can also share with up to eight people flying with you. There is also free and very comprehensive travel insurance offered to cardholders as well as discounted car rental rates.

Marriott Rewards Visa Signature Card

It is not just free flights that are on offer if your chose a branded rewards card for excellent credit. This offering lets travelers earn free hotel stays all over the world at any Marriott property located anywhere in the world, As soon as you are approved for the card and make your very first purchase you account is credited with 22,500 bonus points as well as an e certification for a free nights stay at any Marriott hotel that you can redeem immediately or save to add to a longer trip sometime in the future.

The Marriott Rewards card has an APR of 14.24% on both purchases and balance transfers and the $30 annual fee is waived for the first year. Points are awarded on a 1/1 ratio unless you are using the card to book a stay at a Marriott property in which case points are awarded at a rate of 3 per every dollars spent. Points are not the only travel benefit that comes along with this card though. Using your Marriott Rewards credit card to book a room automatically upgrades you to Silver Elite status which entitles you and any traveling companion extra perks like room upgrades and room service discounts.