Credit Cards for Good Credit

Having an excellent credit score has a number of advantages such as credit cards and loans at low interests. In fact, you can use your high credit score to save a lot of money whenever you purchases services and products. For instance, companies dealing with utilities, insurance, hospitality, cars, and others offer products and services at low rate of interest to people with excellent credit scores. Credit card companies have an impressive array of products, exclusively meant for people with excellent credit scores. If your credit score is good, you stand the chance of getting cards with extra-long introductory 0 percent APR offers, low interest rates, rewards, and so on.

Here are some great low interest credit cards for good credit.

Chase Freedom Credit Card

The Freedom Credit Card, which is associated with a bonus cash back offer of $150, is issued by Chase and you can apply for it either online or through telephone. Meant exclusively for people with good credit history, this card has a bonus cash back offer of $150, payable after card holders make purchases worth $500 during their first 3 months as card holders. Card holders will also receive 5 percent cash backs on purchases of dinners, gas, groceries, and home improvement products as well as a maximum of 10 percent cash back on products and services purchased online at selected Internet stores. The APR is as low as 11.99 percent with zero annual fees.

Platinum Prestige

The Platinum Prestige Credit Card, which is issued by Capital One, comes with an introductory 0 percent APR offer on balance transfers and purchases till Aug 2012. Besides, you do not have to pay any annual fees. The credit card also comes with excellent features such as 0 percent fraud liability, 25-hour roadside and travel assistance, and much more.

Sapphire Credit Card

Issued by Chase, the Sapphire Credit Card enables card holders to collect 25,000 bonus points if they make purchases worth $3000 during their first 3 months as card holders. They can exchange these points for vacation packages, flight tickets, cash back, gift cards, products or services, and much more. The credit card is associated with a rewards programme, which enables card holders to earn points whenever they use their card to book hotel rooms and flight tickets. There is no limit to the number of points one can earn, and moreover, points do not have an expiry date. This credit card has no annual fees and comes with a variable APR of 13.24 percent.

Platinum Credit Card

Issued by American Express, this credit card is associated with a rewards programme, enabling card holders to collect points on purchases and redeem them for vacation packages and air miles. Card holders will get 25,000 bonus points whenever they spend $1000 during their first 3 months as card holders. Plus, there are benefits such as access to exclusive airport clubs, zero fees for foreign transaction, and 24-hour concierge service with assistance on purchasing gifts, making reservations, and much more.