Walmart Credit Cards Review

Like most of the other big national retailers these days Walmart have added a credit card offering in addition to their store card option. While it does offer a number of shopping benefits and a reasonable interest rate the only downside for some consumers is that as a Discover card it is not as widely accepted at other locations as Visa and MasterCard are.

Walmart Credit Card Basics

To begin with it should be noted that the Walmart credit card is not the same offering as the the Walmart store card. The Walmart credit card combines the convenience of a traditional credit card offering with the benefits of a store card that can be used to obtain special deals and discounts at both Walmart and Sam’s Club (as long as you are a paid up Sam’s Club member). The Walmart credit card is a Discover card offering and it is actually provided by GE Moneybank.

Those interested in obtaining a Walmart card can choose to apply in any Walmart store in person or by completing an online application. If you apply for a Walmart card in store and are approved you are issued a 24 hour shopping pass that can be used at that Walmart that usually comes with a bonus offer of some kind attached to it as an inducement to start spending right away! If on the other hand you apply, and are approved for a Walmart credit card it can be used immediately to make purchases at

In terms of the financial basics attached to the Walmart credit card they are fairly standard for a Discover card offering. The Walmart credit card does not have an annual fee attached to it and it can be obtained by those with above average to good credit. The APR attached to the Walmart credit card is a little on the high side at a variable 22.90% but that does tend to be typical of these store offered credit cards and the APR is the same as charged on the store card offering.

If you do not quite qualify for a Walmart credit card you may want to apply for a Walmart store card instead, as the credit requirements are a little looser and many of the same benefits are available as they are to Walmart credit card holders, with the exception of course of being able to use them anywhere but Walmart and Sam’s Club. You can also apply for the Walmart store card at all physical locations or on-line and often once customers have demonstrated an excellent payment record on that card they are offered the chance to upgrade to a Walmart credit card.

Walmart Credit Card Benefits

As you would expect of a credit card offered by a specific store there are a number of rewards and shopping benefits attached to the Walmart Discover credit card. Card holders earn up to 1% cash back on every purchase they make on their card, at any location where Discover cards are accepted as a form of payment. Cardholders also save 3 cents a gallon when they use their Walmart Discover credit card to buy gas at gas stations that are operated by either Walmart or Sam’s Club.

The rewards earned by using your Walmart credit card can be redeemed in much the same way points earned on any other Discover credit card offering, including for straight cash, gift cards or for travel benfits. It should be noted that the cashback rewards program only applies to the Walmart Discover credit card and the Walmart store card does not offer a cashback or points bonus.

Managing Your Walmart Credit Card Account

Managing either a Walmart Discover credit card or a Walmart Store card is easy and convenient. Account access is available on line 24 hours a day, seven days a week and live customer service is available during normal business hours. One of the benefits that many people appreciate about both the Walmart card offerings is the option to set your own payment date, choosing the day of the month that would be most convenient for you to be billed on. Another convenience is that if you happen to be shopping in Walmart and Sam’s Club and realize your credit card payment is due it can be paid right there at any register. Those who hold a Walmart Discover credit card can also choose to take a cash advance at the register when making a purchase of any kind on their credit card. The advantage of this is that it appears on the credit card statement as a purchase, not a cash advance so it is not subject to an extra fee.

As is the case with a number of credit card offerings for an additional monthly fee those who hold either a Walmart Discover credit card or a Walmart store card can purchase protection that will cover them in the event that a financial crisis should strike. The coverage is rather expensive though, currently being accessed at $1.66 for every $100 of a card holders average daily balance. It may be worth considering though if you do not usually pay off your credit card balances in full every month.