Victoria’s Secret Credit Card

Victoria’s Secret credit card, also known as Angel Card, is a must for women who love Victoria’s Secret products. If you find yourself purchasing plenty of Victoria’s Secret beauty products, apparel, lingerie, and others, holding an Angel Card becomes absolutely necessary. Angel Card holders will not only be able to purchase Victoria’s Secret products easily, safely, and quickly, but will also get rewarded for doing so. Since the Angel Card is part of Victoria’s Secret’s marketing technique, you can use it only to purchase Victoria’s Secret products in Victoria’s Secret retail stores on land or online.

Victoria’s Secret credit cards are issued by the World Financial Network National Bank (WFNNB), which provides each card holder her Angel Card account. You can use your account to request paperless statements, pay bills, print your previous statements, view your latest activities, add authorized buyers, and request an increased credit limit. Since Victoria’s Secret’s banking partner is the prestigious WFNNB, you can rest assured of safety and security. The bank uses a wide range of security processes and technology to protect your private financial details.

If you are an Angel Card holder, you will receive special birthday gifts as long as you keep your card active. Besides, you will gain early access to Victoria’s Secret’s bi-annual sales and get sneak peeks of new products and special offers. You can easily upgrade your Angel Card to a VIP Angel Card by earning 250 points through making purchases. You will also receive a bonus of $10 for the effort and more rewards whenever you earn 250 points.

If you are a VIP Angel Card holder, you will get double points whenever you purchase brassieres, special rewards whenever you collect 250 points, freebies such as makeovers and sample products, exclusive access to special store events, and all the benefits given to Angel Card holders. The only condition is that you must keep your account active through purchases; if your card gets inactive, you will lose whatever points you have collected so far.

You can apply for your Angel Card either online or at a Victoria’s Secret retail store. If your application is approved, you will receive your Victoria’s Secret credit card within 15 days. You might also receive a message stating that your application will be reviewed and that you will receive a response in 10 working days. If you wish to apply online, you can visit and click on the “Apply Now” tab. You will be immediately directed to a WFNNB webpage where you can securely fill your application form. You need to be a US resident to apply for Victoria’s Secret credit card.

If you have any queries regarding Victoria’s Secret credit card, you can write to World Financial Network National Bank, P. O. Box 182273, Columbus, OH 43218-2273 or you can check out the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section on the WBNNB webpage. Customer care service is available from Monday to Saturday from 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. ET, but will remain closed on Sundays and holidays.