Union Plus Credit Cards Review

If you are are a member of a labor union the benefits attached to the Union Plus credit cards offerings are quite substantial and this is certainly a credit card that you should consider making the credit card that you make the most use of.

Union Plus Credit Cards Basics

The first thing that has to be noted about Union Plus credit cards is that they are only available to those who are members in good standing of a U.S based labor union. It does not matter what industry you work in or what your job title happens to be, just that you are a part of a union. Some family members of union workers may also be eligible to receive the card but not all, checking the company website will let you know if you are or not. The Union Plus credit card is the only credit card offering that is officially endorsed by the AFL-CIO because of the quality of the service and benefits the company behind the card, HSBC, offers to union members.

You can apply for the Union Plus Credit Card on-line. You will need to provide the details of your union membership so make sure you have them on hand before you begin.

In basic financial terms the Union Plus credit card is stacks up fairly well against most other similar credit offerings. There is no annual fee and there is a variable APR attached to the card of between 12.99% to 19.99% after the initial 1.99% APR expires after six months.

It is however the huge array of extra benefits attached to the Union Plus Credit Card that make it such an attractive proposition. Here is a basic breakdown of the major benefits that are offered to Union Plus credit card holders.

Skip Payment Option

If they run into unexpected financial difficulties Union Plus credit card holders have the option to skip making two monthly credit card payments in a twelve month period without incurring any fees or penalties and will not incur any demerits on their credit reports for doing so. By being offered this option union members and their families the chance to catch up financially, something that anyone in a financial bind would appreciate.

Strike Payment Protection

Union Plus credit card members are also afforded special considerations if they happen to be called upon to go on strike. In the event of a union sanctioned strike or lock out a Union Plus credit card member can skip up to four payments within a twelve month period. Payments cannot be skipped for more than three consecutive months though.

Access to Union Plus Loan Programs

Union Plus credit card members have access to the Union Plus loan program. The program strives to provide card holders with loans that have more favorable terms attached to them than conventional bank loans generally do. Loans offered via the Union Plus loan programs tend to have lower interest rates, longer terms if needed and a more flexible repayment schedule.

Access to the Union Plus Scholarship Program

HSBC and the Union Plus Credit card offer a scholarship program that is open to Union Plus card holders, their spouses and of course most importantly the card holder’s children. Millions of dollars have already been awarded through the program, allowing those who may not have otherwise been able to afford to to get a college education. In addition all Union Plus credit card holders have access to special discounts on on line courses and test preparation materials.

Access to Special Unionized Savings

At the Union Plus credit card website cardholders have access to special savings offers, discounts and coupons designed to save union members and their families money on everything from tires to flowers.

Union Plus Credit Cards Reward Program

Union Plus credit card holders also earn rewards every time they use their card in locations all over the world. 2 points per dollar are awarded for gas, restaurant and travel purchases and 1 point per dollar is awarded for all other purchases. Union Plus credit card holders also receive 2,000 bonus points when they make their first purchase with the card.

Access to CreditKeeper Services

All Union Plus credit card holders get free access to a service called CreditKeeper. The service gives members free access to copies of all three of their major credit bureau credit reports and their personal credit score and then implement a Credit Tracker to monitor any and all changes to those reports. This is quite a nice free benefit to have as some people pay as much as $29.95 a month for similar services.

24/7 Online Account Access

All Union Plus credit card holders can manage everything related to their credit card account on-line anytime they like. They can also opt in to receive text and email alerts about important or unusual activity on their credit card account. Should they need them however live customer service representatives are available during normal business hours.