Marriott Rewards Credit Cards

Getting a Marriott Rewards membership is one of the wisest things a Marriott hotels fan can do. You can use Marriott’s generous rewards program to earn flying miles or points, which can later be redeemed in a large number of ways. Your participation in Marriott Rewards will be more exciting than ever if you obtain Marriott Rewards credit cards, which are issued by Chase Bank USA.

You can become a member the Marriott Rewards program by completing a simple online form at the Marriott website. As a valuable member of Marriott Rewards, you will get VIP treatment at more than 3,200 Marriott hotels all over the globe in addition to free flights, free nights, and other benefits. You can also earn points and redeem them at Marriott’s partner hotels. Marriott Rewards membership includes benefits such as free Internet, instant redemption of points, exclusive offers, special bonuses, and much more. If you achieve a higher level in the Marriott Rewards program, you stand to gain greater benefits.

If you are regular Marriott hotels user, you will feel more at home with a Marriott Rewards Credit Card. You can easily apply for one online through the Chase Bank webpage. The Marriott Rewards credit card comes with offers such as 22,500 free bonus points upon your first purchase, 2 free nights in any category 1 – 4 hotel after your card gets approved, plus a credit of 10 nights for Elite status. In addition, you will gain 3 points for every dollar spent at Marriott and 1 point for every dollar spent at Marriott’s partner hotels. You can use your Marriott Rewards credit card free of charge for the first year, but after that you will be charged an annual credit card free.

The Marriott Rewards program also includes a Marriott Rewards Premier Credit Card, which comes with an offer of 30,000 bonus points on your first purchase, a free overnight stay at any category 1 – 4 hotel as soon as your credit card is approved, and a free overnight stay in any category 1 – 5 hotel every year on your account anniversary. You don’t have to pay any annual fees during the first year. Besides, you will also get 15 nights credit for Elite status plus 5 points for every dollar you spend at Marriott, 2 points for every dollar you spend on dining, airline, and car rental services, and 1 point for every dollar spent at other places.

You can also opt for a Marriott Rewards Business Card, which includes offers of 22,500 bonus points on the very first purchase you make, free cards for your employees, quarter-yearly management reports, and other benefits.

Marriott Rewards has recently included extra benefits for its valued credit card holders. Whenever you spend $3000, you will get a night credit, which will help you achieve a higher status in the Rewards Program. You can earn as many night credits as you can. You also get 15,000 bonus points every time you redeem your points for a hotel stay.