Household Bank Credit Card

The Nevada-based HSBC Bank, which is highly reputed for helping people all over the globe realize their financial dreams, issues the Household Bank credit cards. If you want a credit card that will truly help you improve your credit score, you must consider applying for a Household Bank MasterCard, which comes with innumerable benefits that put you in complete control over your finances.

You can view your updated account information anytime of the day or night, which helps you keep track of your spending habits. You won’t even miss making your payments on time because HSBC Bank sends you repeated text messages and emails reminding you that your next payment is due. Since automatic credit reporting is done to 3 prominent credit bureaus, you have a very good chance of building your credit score.

If you are one of those people who are concerned about the environment, you can opt to receive online account statements that strongly resemble printed statements, expect that they are not on paper. Opting for online statements is not only more secure, but faster too. Card holders will also receive updates on financial services and products that will benefit the entire family and can schedule their monthly bill payments without worrying about checks or stamps. Besides, your Household Bank MasterCards are accepted in countless places all over the world, both offline and online.

Applying for a Household Bank credit card is not only easy, but also secure. HSBC bank gives top priority to the protection of customers’ private information and adopts sophisticated 128-bit secure socket layer (SSL) technology for the encryption of private data whenever customers apply for a Household Bank MasterCard. The application process is unique in that the bank has a pre-qualification process, which gives customers a better chance of getting approved.

As a Household Bank MasterCard holder, you can avail of heavy discounts at several retailers whenever you register at You can even request the bank to send you regular alerts reminding you of how much you have on your card and when you are scheduled to pay your next bill. The credit card also comes with complete fraud liability protection and enables card holders to limit their spending by setting spending alerts. The customer care service is one of the best and the representatives are ready to answer any query regarding your credit card account.

Household Bank MasterCards have a very low APR of 7.90 percent and the annual fee is anywhere between $0 and $59 for the first year depending on your credit card type. You are also required to make a minimum deposit of $200 when you apply for your card. Once you get your card, you can use it to purchase any product or service online or offline or make reservations. Thanks to the card’s in built features, you can track your spending carefully, never fall behind on payment of bills and improve your credit score. The biggest advantage is that you can use your Household Bank credit card anywhere in the world.