Capital One Credit Cards

Capital One is known as much for their commercials for credit cards as the credit cards themselves. But as a leader in the banking industry offering checking, savings, money market accounts, certificates of deposit, auto and personal loans Capital One has established itself as a player in the industry. They offer solutions for personal and business use so if you are looking at Capital One credit cards you are likely to find one that is suited to you. Capital One also has a unique way of comparing their credit card offers. In addition to breaking down each of the card types by category they also allow you to search for the perfect credit card to suit your needs based on credit score. Capital One is one of the few remaining major banks to offer secured cards to their customers.

Personal Cards

Capital One has over 20 available cards designed to assist people with their credit needs. Capital One cards have a variety of options, rewards and fees to accommodate just about anyone’s needs. People who have excellent, good, average or limited credit can get Capital One credit cards that have competitive rates and great introductory offers. You can even get cards with no interest for a limited time to get you started. These types of offers are perfect for anyone who needs to finance a purchase over a few months but will be able to pay it off within the time frame allotted. You can make payments while enjoying your new merchandise and have it paid off without having to spend any more money on interest.

There are also reward cards available for all levels of credit. Several cards allow you to accumulate miles that can be redeemed for travel. The MTV credit card allows you to accumulate more points on entertainment while gaining points on other purchases. There is even an Orbitz card where you can cash in points toward travel booking through Orbitz. Or, you can choose to get the cash back credit cards that you can use any way you wish. There are even credit cards that give you bonus points for every month you keep your account in good standing and pay on time the required amount.

Cards for Students

For the college student going off to school for the first time, you want to have the security to know you have available funds in case of emergency. Capital One credit cards have five different options for you to choose from. Parents will have the knowledge that the child is building their credit responsibly and can keep an eye on funding while the student will have access to money and will learn how to deal with their own finances. You can choose cards with no APR for a limited time, credit cards where you can receive bonus points for purchases of text books or entertainment, perfectly suited for the college student. You can even choose low APR secure cards designed for younger adults needing credit.

With all the credit cards available to choose from, there is sure to be one that will suit your needs or those of your child who is going off to school for the first time. It is a great way to help a young person learn how to manage money while keeping an eye on their spending to make sure it doesn’t get out of control.

Cards for Those With Bad Credit

It may seem odd that not a lot of major banks offer second chance credit cards these days. Secured cards are available and they are one of only a few companies that still offer them. Because there is a required deposit and your credit limit is only set to the deposit amount there is little risk associated with secure cards. So, it is odd more companies are not offering them to their customers. However, this is indeed the case and you have to search long and hard to find banks that will allow you to get a credit card if you have less than perfect credit. Those with bad credit still need credit cards for various purchases and a secure card is the perfect answer.

Capital One cards are available for adults or younger people who need a credit card but do not have the credit score to qualify for an unsecured card. The way both cards work is that there is an annual fee and a minimum deposit of $200 required. Your credit limit will match the amount of your deposit. You can then make payments just like any other credit card. If, however, you default on your card, the amount is covered by your deposit.

Cards for Business

While there are cards for just about any person’s situation, some may need small business solutions. There are cards designed to suit your business needs also. They can be used for purchases pertaining to your business and offer a variety of benefits. There are reward cards for businesses that want to accumulate miles to be used for travel or you can even get cash back credit cards for your business. If you strictly want a business card for your expenses and don’t care about rewards, you can get a card with no rewards but a 0% APR for nearly a year.

Capital One cards are available for students, adults and every credit type to make it convenient for anyone to get a credit card who needs one. Although the various fees and requirements will differ from card to card, each one has its advantages so that even those with no credit or bad credit can have access to a credit card. Personal cards are very popular but there are also business cards available for anyone who needs a business credit solution.