Sainsbury’s Credit Cards

Sainsbury’s Supermarkets Limited, also called Sainsbury and JS or just Sainsbury’s, is the third largest supermarket chain in the UK with headquarters at Holborn City in London. Since the company also has banking and real estate interests, Sainsbury’s credit cards are some of the finest.

Sainsbury’s Gold Credit Card

The Sainsbury’s Gold Credit Card gives you benefits worth £530 for a monthly fee of only £5. Some of these benefits are free cash withdrawals from any part of the world, annual global travel insurance for the entire family, double Nectar points whenever you shop with your Sainsbury’s credit card, free foreign exchange and free balance transfer.

Sainsbury’s Nectar Credit Card

Sainsbury’s Nectar Credit Card enables you to grab double Nectar points whenever you shop with your Sainsbury’s credit card during your first two years as card holder. The company is also offering card holders a bonus of 3000 Nectar points if they made a transaction during their first 3 months as card holders.

The credit card comes with an APR of 12.92 percent plus free balance transfer. You can earn 1 Nectar point whenever you spend £5 at stores other than Sainsbury’s.

Sainsbury’s Credit Card

If you get a Sainsbury’s credit card along with a Nectar card, you can enjoy balance transfers and purchases at 0 percent during your first 12 months as card holder. To continue enjoying these benefits, you must make payments in time and stick to your credit limit. When you apply for the Sainsbury’s Credit Card, you must supply your Nectar card number; besides, you should have used your Nectar card in Sainsbury’s shops for the past 6 months.

Sainsbury’s Credit Cards Benefits

Sainsbury’s modifies its credit card products as per individual requirements, owing to which the rate of interest and APR depends on the financial details you supply when you apply as well as your credit history.

As a Sainsbury’s card holder, you can sign up for the company’s online banking services, which enable you to make payments, view transaction history and so on.

Applying for a Sainsbury’s Credit Card

You can apply for a Sainsbury’s credit card in a matter of minutes; however, before doing so, check out Sainsbury’s privacy policy. Before you apply for a particular credit card, you must ensure that it is the correct and best product for you. Complete details of Sainsbury’s credit cards are available on its official website.

You can apply for a Sainsbury’s credit card only if you are a permanent resident of the UK, are 18 years old, have been easily receiving credit during the past month, have a flawless credit history and aren’t an existing finance credit card holder at Sainsbury’s.

If you are in a hurry to get your Sainsbury’s credit card, you can speed up the process by supply your building society or bank account details; information regarding credit cards, loans, or store cards that you hold; name and address of your employer; and the number of your Nectar card.

You can either apply online or call 0800 030 4418.