MBNA Credit Cards Review

MBNA, which was launched in 1982, quickly became the largest credit card companies of not only the UK, but also the world. The credit card lender started issuing credit cards in the UK in the early nineties and is today, the world’s number one in issuing co-branded credit cards, marketing credit cards and offering related financial products. MBNA is a part of the Bank of America and is associated with a number of UK organizations such as Amazon, Virgin Money, WWF and prominent football clubs. MBNA also offers a wide range of credit cards of its own with irresistible card purchase and balance transfer rates.

MBNA Credit Cards

MBNA credit card collection comprises purchase credit cards for those with top purchasing power to credit cards with attractive introductory offers such as 0 percent balance transfer. You can choose from rewards credit cards to grab points, charity credit cards to donate to charity, football credit cards from top UK football clubs and many more. The range of MBNA credit cards is quite impressive.

You can get an MBNA Platinum Visa Credit Card or an MBNA Rate for Life Credit Card with an attractive APR of 16.9 percent plus 1.5 percent cut in handling fees during your first 60 days as card holder. If you get a Play.com Credit Card, you will get 1,500 bonus PlayPoints whenever you spend £150 during your first 90 days as card holder. Besides, you can double your PlayPoints at Play.com.

The American Express Credit Card has an APR of 18.9 percent plus double cash back on fuel and supermarket purchases. Besides, you don’t have to pay any annual fees on this card. If you get an MBNA Platinum Rewards Visa Credit Card, you will receive 1 MBNA reward point whenever you spend £1. The Virgin Atlantic White American Express Credit Card gives card holders 3000 bonus flying club miles plus 1 mile whenever they spend £1 on their credit card and 2 miles whenever they spend £1 with the partners of Virgin Atlantic.

You can also earn 20,000 bonus destination miles as soon as you spend £250 during your first 90 days as a BMI American Express Credit Card holder and earn 1.5 miles whenever you use your credit card to make purchases.

The MBNA Retail Rewards American Express Credit Card rewards card holders with 1 point whenever they spend £1. These points can be later spent on purchasing vouchers and products, shopping, saving on dining and travelling. You can also earn 1 point on every £1 you spend using another MBNA credit card called Arsenal Credit Card.

MBNA Credit Card Benefits

MBNA credit cards come with a wide range of benefits such as paperless statements, which is great if you are concerned about the environment; online card services, which enable you to check your transaction history and balance, view your statement and set up direct debits, absolutely free; protection from all sorts of fraud; an excellent 24/7 customer care service; and plenty of rewards for using your MBNA credit cards.