Marbles Credit Cards

One of the best ways to control your funds is to hold a Marbles credit card, which is accepted at locations worldwide. If you pay your bills in time, you will not even be charged interest on your purchases. Besides, Marbles credit cards have an impressive array of inbuilt benefits such as online account services and much more.

The Bank of Scotland Plc, which forms part of the Lloyds Banking Group, issues Marbles credit cards while Marbles itself belongs to Aviemore Funding Ltd. You can trust the Bank of Scotland because it is regulated and licensed by Financial Services Authority (FSA) and you can check the authorization at Since the Bank of Scotland has a Financial Ombudsman Service and Financial Services Compensation Scheme and is one of the subscribers of The Lending Code, you can rest assured that you will get topnotch financial services there. SAV Credit Ltd., which has signed a deal with the Bank of Scotland, manages your Marbles credit card account. This company is registered in England. Marbles credit card services are available to the residents of UK only.

Marbles credit cards are very convenient because they come with online account services, enabling you to keep track of your monetary transactions and control your spending habits. What’s more, you can use your Marbles credit card at any location that accepts Visa cards all over the world. Besides, Marbles uses the latest online security technology to protect customers’ private financial information and employs qualified people to detect suspicious activity.

You can easily apply for a Marbles credit card by calling 0845 602 7795 and talking to a Marbles advisor. You can also apply by writing to Card Services, Pitreavie Business Park, DUNFERMLINE, KY99 4BS.

Marbles is not just a provider of credit card services; the company also keeps track of the best offers in the market and gives its card holders great deals on products such as mortgages, loans, travel, insurance and so on. Marbles card holders should therefore visit the official Marbles website regularly to get the best products at heavy discounts. For instance, Marbles card holders can currently get a 20 percent cut on all purchases made at, one of the leading online art shops in the UK, offering over 100,000 works of art in the form of fine art, photographs, canvas art, posters and so on. Marbles credit card holders will have to input the bonus code MARBLE20 when they go shopping at

Marbles credit cards give card holders the convenience and financial freedom they deserve, enabling them to purchase any product or service online or offline, grab great deals, pay their bills in time and gain access to their cash either in the UK or at another location in the world, to mention just a few benefits.

The official Marbles website has a comprehensive FAQ, providing answers to all queries. However, customers are free to contact the Marbles customer care service at 0845 602 7795; the customer care representatives are friendly and helpful.